Postdoc and PhD studentship for symplectic topology in Berlin

I am happy to announce that my research group in symplectic and contact topology at the Humboldt-Universität in Berlin is hiring for Autumn 2018:

  • One 2-year postdoc position, salary approx. 44,000€/year (before taxes).* Here is the official advert in English and in German.
  • One 3-year PhD studentship, salary approx. 22,000€/year (before taxes).* Here is the official advert in English and in German.

Both positions are research-only; no teaching is required, so applicants need not know any German. (Opportunities to teach will nonetheless be available if desired.) They are both part of an ERC-funded project involving pseudoholomorphic curves in symplectic and contact topology, so postdoc applicants should ideally have some background in that subject, and PhD applicants should at least have a solid background in differential geometry and analysis. Applications should be e-mailed directly to me (including recommendation letters sent separately) by March 15, and we aim to make decisions as soon as possible after that date. The adverts specify what documents should be sent in the application: if you’ve already been applying for other postdoc or PhD positions, it is mostly the same stuff as usual. (Applicants for the PhD studentship: please be sure to include your university transcripts in addition to your CV and a statement of research experience/interests).

If there’s anything else I can clarify, please feel free to contact me by e-mail!

* For those unfamiliar with the vagaries of public employment in Germany: the precise salaries are determined by a complicated formula that depends on various details, including your family circumstances, but in theory you can compute them more exactly (and also the after-tax version) using this salary calculator. The main thing you need to know is that both positions are in Entgeltgruppe E13 of the TV-L. For the PhD studentship you need to input “50%” for Arbeitszeit, as the position is officially half-time (because you spend the other half of the time learning?). Please don’t ask me about Zusatzversorgung or Lohnsteuerklassen… if you want to know what these things mean, your best bet is to find an actual German, which, as you probably know, I am not.


About Chris Wendl

I'm a professor of mathematics at Humboldt University in Berlin. My research deals with symplectic manifolds, contact manifolds, pseudoholomorphic curves and various related things.
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